About Us

I’m so glad to you took the time to stop by!  As you can see, we are just getting started (well, kinda), so please join me, make yourselves comfortable, and let me tell you a bit about us.

Cards-by-Tots is my effort to do what I love doing (drawing, painting, cartooning, sketching, orgami, crocheting, and generally creating whatever my imagination fancies), while sharing it with others, earning money in the process,  and making a difference in the world!  Ever since I was 3, I’ve been sketching, drawing, & coloring, making little notes and cards for my parents, teachers, friends, and uncles and aunts, which people really loved.

This encouraged me to keep at it, and keep improving myself, which I’m always doing! The idea for Cards by Tots emerged about four years ago (sometime in the Fall of 2008), when I was talking to my parents and wondering how I could get my creations out to more people (actually I was trying to figure out how a card I made for my mom, which she really liked, could be put in the hands of other moms!). Around the same time, I learnt of the Internet, when we used Google to research a bit about the history of the Amazon for a school project.

We then figured that a good way for getting my cards, and other creations that you’ll see on reflected on this website  (and, later, creations of other kids as well), out to the world would be to use the Internet! I thought I would ask my parents to setup a “website” for me, where I would post my cards, which people could (eventually) purchase and download.

For a quite a while the website was just one solitary page — my little space on the Internet, until the recent efforts of my parents, particularly my Mom (thanks ever so much Mom!), lead to the site you see before you today, and which is now the formal home of Cards by Tots! Today, you can purchase many of my creations here — cards, designs, and collectibles imprinted with the designs.

I also decided that of the money we collected (that’s revenue!) I’d donate at least 10% to some organization/body that works for less fortunate children (e.g. CRY or UNICEF or ASHA, which I’ve heard my parents talk about, and donate to before) or children affected by disasters (e.g. the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, the terrible disaster in Japan in Feb. 2011, and the devastating drought and resulting famine  in East Africa, which reached a peak in Summer/Fall 2011 – did you know that a large majority of the 10M people displaced were children, under the age of 5, who suffer permanent life damage due to malnutrition, which is a truly avoidable tragedy).

A word on the voice(s) behind Cards by Tots.  As you browse around this site, you will find a number of writings and notes. Everything else — the cartoons, voice overs, designs, cards and such are my creations, things I create in my free time, when I’m not at school or taking part in other fun activities.

Some will be in the first person (that’s me talking, with some help from my parents), some will talk of “us” as in Cards by Tots (that’s usually a distillation of our discussions, put into words by my parents), and some will clearly be from my parents: my mother Rakhi Sharma, the brainchild behind Cheeni for Tots (a company focused on empowering kids by helping parents & kids to spend more time together, and helping kids develop the love of  learning), and my father Vishal Sharma, a technologist who runs Metanoia, Inc (a company focused on providing expertise to telecommunications companies worldwide). 

And, so here we are… please enjoy! Don’t forget to let me know how you find my creations, what more you would like to see, and anything else you’d like to. 

Have a lovely day ahead!