Artful Construction Zone – Budding Artists at Work on the Festival of Lights & Art Contest Winner!

Cards-by-Tots teamed up with Cheeni-for-Tots to co-sponsor the Children’s Art Contest at the smashing “Diwali-Fun-for-Kids” show at the Fremont Main Library last Saturday, Nov. 17th (and its on-line version to occur Nov. 24th!). Check out the beautiful entries submitted and our Art Contest winner at the end of this post.

 Encouraging Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Awareness in Kids

It was only apt that we do so. After all, my focus is on encouraging creativity, entrepreneurship, and awareness in kids (and adults!), so it seemed fitting for Cards by Tots to sponsor the Art Contest for kids. As readers of this blog know, Cards-by-Tots is my attempt to share my creativity with the world, through cards, designs, cartoons, and the like, while encouraging other kids to join my endeavor and do likewise. At the same time, my goal is to raise awareness (both my own and that of my audience) about issues that affect us all, such as health, conservation, wildlife, and the environment, by having them reflected in my creations, or on the pithy messages or insightful cartoons J I try to put on them!

 Showcasing Talent and Building Confidence – The Powerhouse Quality for Success!

The whole purpose behind this “sponsorship” was really to motivate, inspire, and encourage all of the children to showcase their talents in drawing, painting, coloring, or sketching. In short, to encourage them to be fearless and let their creativity shine!

Why? Because it takes a lot to participate in any event, to put one’s talents out to the world for everyone to examine and review, and, of course, critique (positively and constructively, of course J). Above all it takes initiative and guts – two qualities that I’m constantly endeavoring to develop myself, and always eager to help other kids develop at every opportunity I get. ‘Cause confidence is, I believe, the very foundation for success, and there are all-together too many things happening today that tend to shake up this vital ingredient of success! So, building up this powerhouse quality is about the best thing we kids can do for ourselves! (Ok, I got that one from my parents J).

Art Contest – An Unequivocal Success

And, the Contest is already a success from the interest we’ve garnered. I mean we had parents submitting their kids’ entries to my mom on-line, via email, and even calling-in prior to the show to make sure of the rules, and to find out how they could submit their children’s creations – all good signs that our goal of getting everyone fired-up and involved was working! Yipee!

This was amply proven last Saturday, when you could see so many kids sprawled on the floor of the Fukaya Room at the Fremont Main Library, coloring or sketching away to their hearts content! And, the best part is, we didn’t even distribute the coloring sheets – they just sort of slipped out by themselves, as did the boxes of crayons that we had brought in, expecting to distribute them “when the time came”! But, of course, eager kids decided they didn’t need to wait for anyone’s permission, and surreptitiously whisked those sheets away in onsies and twosies, until a good bunch had made their way into the hands of all of the interested children!

Overall, we received over a dozen+ entries, and more are still pouring in. The contest is open until the end of Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 25th, after which point we’ll collect the entries, issue “Certificates of Participation”, and showcase everyone’s creations on our website and our FB page.

Gearing Up for the Next One …

And, that’s not all. In fact, we’re already gearing up for a contest to be held with the New Year theme and a number of interesting World Day events (for example, the UNESCO World Wetlands Day on Feb. 2nd, or the wackier Houseplant Appreciation Day on January 10th :-)) , where we’re encouraging all kids to create art on these themes. We will be showcasing that later in January, most likely in conjunction with our New Year Fun for Kids show at the library!

So, parents, please do encourage your little angels to be at their creative best, and keep those entries coming! We love receiving them!

 … And Announcing the Winner of the Diwali Art Contest (Updated 12/25/12)

As you’ll see in the entries below, we had a rich variety of submissions — colorful and intricate Rangoli designs, playful dolphins, shimmering lamps (“diyas”), vibrant coloring sheets, and a lovely lantern, a dancing Ganesha, Diwali firecrackers, and an exquisitely crafted circular Rangoli design. Kudos to all the parents and kids who took the initiative to participate — please pat yourself on the back and accept our hearty congratulations! And … please keep encouraging your kids (and those of others :-)), to keep that creative fire alive, to continue creating beautiful art, and livening up the lives of everyone around them. So, in our view, every single one of kids was, is, and will be a WINNER!!

After much deliberation, however, the recipient of the prize is Abhishek Saokar, whose portable Rangoli was both beautiful and unique. Congratulations to Abhishek and his mom Shweta! Abhishek’s Gift Card is on it’s way, so that he and his proud parents and choose what Abhishek like’s best.




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  1. Hi Rakhi,
    Thanks for organizing this wonderful event and for giving kids a great space to display their skills. I am so proud that Abishek made it to your list of winners and he is very excited as well! Keep up the great work and looking forward to more such events to be a part of!

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