Biomimicry & Environmental Consciousness @ the Green Kids Conference 2013!!

The Green Kids Conference came around on June 1, 2013, and was an absolute blast! We had not one, but two tables to showcase our creations this year. One, of course, was our Cards by Tots booth,  proudly displaying our “Created in the USA” cards with pithy environmental messages or cartoons, designed to both amuse and educate :-). The other was our poster board and experiment on biomimicry, which showcased the blackberry juice-based solar cell that we learnt about from the Biomimicry3.8 website, and spent time understanding and building, and experimenting with.

Right from the get go, we had a steady stream of interested visitors come by our booths, and my parents and I had a great time explaining to them the concepts and ideas behind Cards by Tots (kid entrepreneurship and self-reliance, fostering creativity in kids to boost their confidence, & raising awareness and consciousness of the environment, wildlife, the world around us through our creations, so we can all be better guardians of this wonderful planet).

And, tied to this was our science project, where I had researched the subject of biomimicry — understanding what it means: in essense learning from and copying Mother Nature’s wisdom to solve human problems, locating some cool examples of biomimicry inspired products and systems, and, finally, building a nature-inspired blackberry juice-based solar cell and actually seeing it work! (Boy, I can just picture Heimlich from A Bug’s Life licking his lips over our juicy blackberries, much like the boisenberries he devours in the movie :-)).

 We had three wonderful judges evaluating our work. I waited a little nervously for my turn, which came around 11:50 am.  When the judges came around, I greeted them cheerily (even with a few butterflies fluttering in my stomach), and launched into a mini presentation of my research, my experiment, and what we’d observed so far (our cells seemed to give great voltage, but the current was much smaller than expected — a phenomenon my dad and I are still trying to get to the bottom of). There were a few questions, which I thought I fielded pretty well :-).

Finally, when it came time for the award ceremony, I was thrilled to see Teresa Cox as the Chief Guest, and even more thrilled when my name was called out for a “Judge’s Special Mention.” I was truly honored and excited to have received this recognition as a “Junior Scientist” on my very first project poster, and am inspired to do even better next time!

We’ll put up more details of our dye-sensitized solar cell project in a separate post (with messy photos and all — remember the blackberry juice!). Until then, hope you’re sharing love, inspiring the world, and walking tall!



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