Our Cards

Our beautiful designs in the form of cards to spread love and happiness around the globe!

Our cards, as you might expect, take their inspiration from, and are based on, our unique designs! Urvi creates cards for any and all occasions — from the humble birthday, to Mother’s and Father’s Day, to Valentine’s Day, to a myriad special occasions in our lives that call for celebration, encouragement, love, triumph, and reflection. Cards that make you laugh, smile, sing, and dance, cards that make you think and reflect, and poignant! But, underlying it all is our emphasis and love for the environment, for our wildlife and eco-systems, and for our very own “Blue Planet!”.

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2 Responses to “Our Cards”

  1. Vimi Rath says:

    Dear Urvi!
    What a great idea! Keep it up! Want to see more and more additions to your cards!

  2. Deepak says:

    Keep it up – we need more kids to think like this

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