Urvi’s Letter People Dance for the PAM PAM Duo from The Bay Area’s Wildly Popular DE-Stress Radio Show!

A Chance Meeting at a Grand Gala and the Dance of the Letter People!

 We had great fun meeting the famous duo Altu-Phaltu of the Pam-Pam Show on AM 1170 a few weeks back. We love the show for its fun, education, laughter, and learning component, and as a tribute to them, I created a Letter People logo for Altu-Phaltu to go with their funformation-al image! But here’s how it all came about …

A Grand Gala – For a Local Leader

The week of October 22nd, we were honored to attend a grand gala to support Ohlone College Board Member and Trustee Honorable Teresa D. Cox, who, as some of you might know, is a highly accomplished local leader.  The first woman nuclear engineer; she was also a Trade Advisor to President Obama’s administration! The gala was a fun event held at the Bombay Garden in Newark and attended by a number of local leaders, notably, Dr. Romesh Japra, FIA President, Mrs. Alka Bhatnagar, of Sangeet Prabhakar fame, Commissioner Derrick Bulls, Oakland Oversight Commission, Reggie Green, NBA Alumni, Anthony Simmons, NFL Alumni, Ritu Maheshwari, India Post, and my mother, Rakhi Sharma, Co-Founder, Cheeni for Tots! I was fortunate to be able to accompany my mom to this event (thanks to Teresa generously agreeing to let me come) and had a great time, as you’ll hear shortly! (courtesy: Ritu Maheshwari, India Post News Service)

(BTW, Teresa won re-election to the Ohlone College Board of Trustees, in the November elections, which is great, because supporting and strengthening community colleges is a big focus of hers and this allows her to continue her work.)

Hearing Familiar Voices … and Placing Them …

While milling around among the crowd at the gala, my mother and I overheard some familiar voices, voices we could swear we’d heard before! On looking over our shoulder, we saw a lady and a gentleman having a spritely conversation with other guests, and we racked our brains to recall where we’d heard them before. Then it hit us – of course! We’d heard them on the radio, 1170 AM, while commuting in the evenings.

A Hot and Honking Drive Time Show … Courtsey: https://www.facebook.com/apbakbak

They surely had to be the Altu-Baba and Phaltu-Rani, the inimitable duo, who are Bay-Area’s wildly popular radio show hosts. They put a smile on our faces (and, we’re sure on the faces of all of their hundreds of thousands of other fans J) and had us in splits every time we heard them – jokes, kidding around, having fun, sharing knowledge – that’s what they’re about! You see, Altu-Phaltu have their own brand of fun, which mixes just the right dash of entertainment, education, excitement, enthusiasm, laughter, learning, life, and love! It’s not for nothing that they coined the term “Funformation”al to describe their shows, y’know!

(The reason my mother and I love them is because their philosophy aligns with our own – one of having loads of fun, making learning (of any sort) engaging and educational, and encouraging parents and kids to spend more time together, develop the love of learning and/or develop awareness about the world we live in!)

 But What’s with the “Pam Pam”?

BTW, Altu-Phaltu’s opening fun greeting “Pam Pam,” which they use to interact with their audience/callers, is meant to denote the honking sound of the quintessential horn heard on bustling, hot Indian roads – a feature known the world over to those who know Indian driving! The trucks and minivans (called “lorries”) in India are famous for having the phrase “Horn OK Please!” painted at the back (now, don’t ask me why, even my parents don’t know the answer to that one!), which I’m sure has a lot to do with the “Pam, Pam” we hear on those roads. J

Meeting the Pam-Pam Duo from the Bay Area’s Wildly Popular DE-Stress Radio Show!

Well, it was a pleasant surprise to meet them. “Your voice sounds so familiar!” said my mom to Phaltu Rani (Of course, we cannot reveal their real names J), not realizing who she was, of course. “Hmm … does it remind you of a radio sound?” replied Phaltu Rani with a twinkle in her eye.

That’s when we instantly realized, we were chatting with these famous radio personalities. They were really cool, lively, and down-to-earth, and we had a nice chat about cartooning, because guess what? Altu-Baba is a cartoonist too! On learning this, I whipped out a sheet of paper and drew a few Letter People for Altu-Phaltu, and gave it to them right away.

Letter People Dance for the Pam-Pam Show

 Once home, I thought it would be cool to create a fun, personalized Letter People drawing for the Pam-Pam Show, and that’s just what I did! We shared it with Altu-Phaltu, and they really liked the concept.

So I decided why not create a fun, personalized Letter People™ cartoon or logo for other entities too! And, that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

If you, your company, or your business are interested in having a fun, personalized logo, cartoon, or caricature created for you using my Letter People™ (see here for some examples; also, for examples of cool products you can put such a cartoon or logo on check out our “Back to School” series, released earlier this Fall), just contact us at designer@cardbytots.com, and our team will get in touch with you!

Within a week, you’ll have a dandy creation that centers on your company or organization, and on your theme, written in lively Letter People font, with an original cartoon attached, and not those boring sans serif fonts :-)

Pam-Pam By Urvi Sharma for Bay Area Bak-Bak's Altu Baba and Phaltu Rani


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